Live Concerts

Live Concerts

From entertainment-infused branding events to spectacular live concerts, Exponus Media delivers flawless execution of message, media and entertainment for all its clients. Our producers and project teams are accomplished professionals in the event management industry who understand the nuances of producing extravagant Live events nationally and internationally. We are counted among the prominent providers of Live Performance Management Services, based in India. We have already organized various celebrity management shows. Our experienced dancer’s performances add stars to the celebrity management shows.

Exponus Media has proven and a very extensive history in conceptualizing and producing staging and touring live concerts to great acclaim. Exponus Media’s full skillset includes budgeting, procuring the right local or international artists, venues, ticketing, marketing and advertising, technical crew, production and technical design, production services, insurance, permits and licenses, merchandising, staffing and tour management.

Why us for live concerts ?

Live concerts are the shows, where you will not get a second chance to recover. So we have the team to support the show, as a standby, placed inside the hall. They will be fixing the light and the lighting issues, issues regarding electrical and electronic products and even the sound system arrangement will also be taken care by out professionals. So, you will get a complete package as live concert planner in India from us. If you want us to support in a particular segment of the show for instance during the live concerts, then also we are quite there for you.

Thus if you are looking for a support only in the lighting part or in the artist management part, We are having the perfect professionals into service and that is one of the reasons why we are chosen more often for the show and known as the best live concert planner in India. With their expertise concert planning in India no more a hassle. Our professionals will sit with you understand your demand and then will plan the things accordingly. So, if you are looking to give a pleasant surprise to those who feel that you cannot handle such a big events just give us a call. Our managers will be in touch with you. They will note down the things you need and revise the quote in the similar style.